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TRAZERConcussion Management.

Game play challenges your athlete’s senses, mind and body. Athletes must instantly and correctly react to what they see on the field or court. Move explosively in all directions. And possess sufficient stamina.

Each of these critical capabilities is negatively impacted by a concussion. And with more intense play, concussion symptoms become more pronounced.

The Problem.
The most commonly used concussion baseline and return-to-play tests are administered while the athlete is seated at a computer or standing on a balance device. Tests having no resemblance to game play. Sorta like learning to swim on dry land…

The Solution.
Our new TRAZER® Sports Simulator, via full body sensing, 3-D graphics and breakthrough measurement analytics, provides previously immeasurable data directly related to your athlete’s healthy sports performance capabilities.

TRAZER displays realistic visual cues on a large screen to prompt game-like movements that progressively elevate the heart rate to game levels. To assess global performance capabilities: visual, vestibular, cognitive, neuromuscular/ musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems.

In only 7 – 9 minutes, TRAZER establishes your athlete’s healthy performance baseline for comparison to his post injury test, in the event of a concussion or orthopedic injury.



Hear it from anExpert.

Dr. Sean Lager, Owner of Gotham City Orthopedics, and Founder of Cleared to

“TRAZER. . . Allows us to simulate a game situation without putting these kids at risk. . . Children’s brains . . . are not as developed as an adult. And after they sustain a concussion, they really have to get back to baseline before they go back to contact sports. They could sustain second impact syndrome, which is cerebral edema, and death. And we don’t want that on our watch.”


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